Debt is complicated. Cascade makes it easy.

From investor-grade analytics to automated reporting, you'll wonder how you ever survived on e-mail and spreadsheets. 

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Purpose-built for debt

Cascade is an all-in-one debt platform for lending companies globally: whether preparing to raise debt for the first time, or already working with multiple investors, let us help!
  • 🤖 Clean, unified data

    Give your data team a powerful tool to catch more potential errors at the source. Clean data is combined from multiple sources, breaking down internal silos.
  • 📈 Debt analytics

    PAR. Vintage analysis. Roll rates. Complement your risk team with analytics that show you what debt investors will be looking at when assessing risk.
  • 💸 Smooth fundraising

    Auto-filled due diligence requests and seamless data sharing ensures that you are speaking the same language as debt investors.
  • 📥 Smart reporting

    Borrowing bases. Performance covenants. Collateral pledges. Optimize cashflows and never miss a reporting requirement again.

Modernize debt-related processes

  • 7 types of debt supported
    From on-balance sheet loans to multi-class warehouse facilities, we've built Cascade with all types of institutional debt in mind.
  • 30x more data updates
    Don't settle for analysis or reporting that is a month or quarter behind, or reliant on manual updates. Harness real-time data with Cascade.
  • 75% less time spent on debt
    Because raising debt shouldn't take 6+ months, and managing it shouldn't divert resources away from key functions.

🗨️ What People Say

"We were using Google sheets/Slack to manage our debt facilities and it was taking longer and longer to understand our own data. Migrating that to Cascade saves time and gives us peace of mind that the data we see is correct before sending to investors."
CEO, Fintech Lender
"Hiring people with the specific skills to run a debt raise is hard, and even if you find the right person it's expensive. It's about time there was a technology solution to this."
Head of Capital Markets, neobank
"This is a dream come true. No more manually calculating covenants or allocating collateral."
Head of Finance, non-bank financial lender
"We are about to begin raising debt facilities and this is exactly what we needed."
CEO, auto marketplace company

How It Works

  • 1

    Sign up and create an account

    Sign up on Cascade and our onboarding team will be in touch to understand your business and specific debt-related needs.
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  • 2

    Connect your data

    We support over 100 data sources! Get your databases, accounting systems, and more plugged into Cascade to ensure you're always seeing the most up-to-date data without needing manual imports.
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  • 3

    Start raising and managing debt more efficiently

    Once connected, your data populates dashboards and tools that will help save time and money when it comes to all things debt.
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💪 Simplify debt.

Because no one wants to spend more time than necessary worrying about debt.
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